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Honeybook and The Rising Tide Society Victoria BC

We believe in cultivating a community of like-minded people to help reduce loneliness and isolation, cheer each other on and support one another. This is why we posséd up to lead The Rising Tide chapter here in Victoria.  

Vancouver Island Rising Tide Society | Free Meetups for Entrepreneurs Victoria BC
The Rising Tide Society (created by Honeybook) is an organization dedicated to empowering and educating creative entrepreneurs in the spirit of community over competition both internationally and locally. 

Our group meets, in-person, once a month at a different location to chat about life as creatives, entrepreneurs and small business owners. We chat wins big and small as well as struggles and setbacks with a community over competition mindset. 

If you're interested in joining the Tuesdays Together meetups in Victoria, BC, you can request an invitation to the Facebook Group below. 

Use the Honeybook Link above for 50% off your first year!