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We Believe

We believe in helping others. Not only through the work that we do but also through supporting women globally through education, clean water, and loans to grow their businesses.


Giving is built into the core of our business. We help fund education for women who would otherwise go without through She’s the First! foundation. We help bring clean drinking water to villages around the world that are stricken by disease and poverty because they are unable to access clean water and we give back to our community by facilitating the Victoria Chapter of the Rising Tide Society.

We are grateful for all of our clients. Every day, we get to do what we love. Giving back is our way of ensuring that other women have the same opportunities, the equal rights, and the same essential elements to keep their family safe and healthy while being able to have and accomplish their big dreams.

We proudly support…


She’s the First

Our monthly donation to She’s the First sends Rose, a 14 year old girl from Uganda, to school.


The Omwork Project

We create beautiful websites for the OmWork Scholarship Graduates to enable them to bring their yoga training into the community to share their vision.


Charity: Water

Our monthly donations provide supplies to so villages around the world can have access to clean drinking water.


The Rising Tide Society

Fostering community among the makers and creatives in Victoria, BC. We facilitate the Victoria Chapter of the Rising Tide, breathing community over competition into our city.



Giving loans to women looking to start or grow their businesses to better support their families and communities.

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