go ahead, make your life easier. You deserve it!


Start a business



looking to start a product based business? You gotta go with Shopify. It makes running an online business, while still being able to sell in person, while (gasp..) linking your inventory automagically.



are you a serviced based business? Squarespace is probably more your jam. Create pages easily with drag and drop functionality. It's a snap!


G suite

Don't even try and run your biz without G Suite. Get and email with your domain name, the drive to store your images, easily shareable docs.
Heck yes, this is a M-U-S-T! 


Need some business cards + some print material. You sure do! Have you tried Moo. I'm a fan of the extra heavy business cards that are 3 oreos high. They just make it so easy to have great business cards.

Social Media



Are you still pinning to your Pinterest Boards manually? Ain't no one got time for that! Board Booster will help you pin to your boards for you. It's Ah-Mazing!



Looking to schedule some instagram post to make your life a lot easier? Later is super simple and allows you to visually see your posts and drag them into the best order posssible


Meet Edgar

Haaaave you met edgar? He's the amazing octopus that lets you schedule your Facebook, Twitter and Pins all by category. Yeah that's right, set what you want to post about in that schedule time and he's on it. Do you think you could marry an octapus?


Wondering how all of those beautiful graphics get made out in the world? I highly recommend Canva. Canva makes design just so dang easy!




Hello, email automation! There's so much love between convertkit and myself it's insane.


text expander

Are you still writing out the same information over and over like a sucker? Nah, dude. You gotta stop that. Text Expander lets you pre-make little snippets that with a simple quick-key you and drop in paragraphs of info. 

Think support emails, question you get all the time, code snippets, all the things.



Stay organized will all the things you have going on in one place. Trello. This amazing little platform handles ALL of my business to-do, plus my grocery lists.


I absolutely, could not live without adobe in my life. I use inDesign to make content upgrades, photoshop on the daily and Acrobat to have clients sign contracts online. No muss, no fuss.


*I would never refer something that I don't love and believe in. In the interest of being transparent, this page contains affiliate links.