Grow your Online Business

Grow your Online Business


Join me this for the 6-week ONLINE Course to GROW YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS.

The Next Round Starts May 13th.
I can’t wait to see you inside!

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Image a life where you wake up in the morning, you’ve already had sales coming through your online store, your latest blog post has magically been released and all of your new customer and client inquiries have been responded to.

You carry on with your day, knowing exactly where to focus your energy, the projects that you’re working on and you even finish early!

Sounds amazing, right? This is what it’s like to have a strong foundation in your business. You’re organized, automation is your best friend and you know that social media is not urgent. 

About this Course:

This course started as a workshop at the wonderful PICOT COLLECTIVE in Victoria. I've taken the content, add more and added video tutorials to help with all the techie things.

Who is this course for?
- Pottery Makers
- Jewelry Designers
- Creative Services
- Designers
- Photographers
- and anyone who wants to start a business with a strong foundation

In this course, we will set the foundation and knowledge for a strong business.

Week 1: Gain Clarity on your business

Get clear on your business or brand and what it is giving to the world. This week we're getting really clear on who what our business has to offer on the larger scale than just the product or service that you offer. We'll also dive deep into your ideal customer to get an overall sense of how you'll market your products with soul to help people buy what 'yer sellin'.

Week 2: Check your Foundation 

In this module, we're covering Search Engine Optimization of your website and Social Media Optimization to make sure that when you're putting content out into the world you'll reap all the benefits. You don't need to be super tech savvy for this module, it comes with easy video step by step so you can move click by click through this section.

Week 3: Systems, Processes + Automation

Next, we're making sure that we have great systems and are automating what we can, to make our life easier. I'll walk you through some of my favourite tools (most of them are free, don't worry) and we're getting you set up for success.

Week 4: Marketing with Soul

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Blog Posts, Email Marketing, in this section we're covering it all! This is everyone's favourite Module and after teaching this class twice at Picot Collective, I've only packed it with more great stuff!

Week 5: Analytics + Productivity

This week, we're checking your numbers and making sure that you know how to prioritize your time to maximize your profit because even though you're a heart-centred business, You still need to bring in them dolla dolla bills.

Week 6: What's next? 

This week we're wrapping up everything with a pretty little bow. We're talking about supporting your business, making passive income, and answering any last questions that you have.


What comes with this course?

1. Forever Access

You will have access to this course forever-ever. Which means any time we run it again, you're more than welcome to join and you'll keep all the content so you can refer to it again and again. That also means when this course is updated you'll get all the updates for free!

2. Facebook Community

Access to an amazing community of makers, bloggers and creatives just like you who are bootstrapping their businesses. I will be answering all your questions in the Facebook community. You will always have access to this group even after the course is over!

3. Weekly Live Q and A 

Each week we'll do a live Q and A in the group where we can dive deep into any issues you're having, with technology or with mental blocks.

4. Worksheets, Handouts, How-To Videos + Resources

I'm giving you all the things. I'll be handing over knowledge left-right and centre. 


What people are saying about this course: 

"It’s hands down the most helpful training I’ve done, and it’s one of the reasons I’m where I’m at in my business today"


"Mands‘ workshop was instrumental in helping me find the confidence I needed to build my brand identity and grow my online presence. It gave me critical tools and resources to understand how to use different social media outlets more effectively and emphasized how important planning and goals are to my business. It also gave me the opportunity to meet other amazing local female entrepreneurs and grow my network. I highly recommend it!"

"That was such a great course & I still refer to my notes! @mandsburnette is the bomb too 💕 "


"I loooved this workshop - @mandsburnette was super helpful in so many ways, and all the creative, inspiring women made the environment so welcoming and encouraging! 💪🏼💕 Biggest takeaway: goals are pretty freakin’ important."


DON'T WAIT! We're starting so soon!

See you there!