What We Did

  • Branding

  • Custom Shopify Site Design

  • CRM

How We Did It

Our goal with Unbridled was to create the visual elements for the nontraditional bridal boutique - including branding and an online shop - as well as build out a CRM to hep with customer experience and make keeping track of clients  and appointments easier

We started with branding. We kept the logo simple but added a bit of flair with the script tag line. We used warm neutral colours to keep the brand modern and to steer away from the traditional all-white so often seen in the bridal industry. Once the branding was created we added a few collateral items like candles and bags to bring the brand to life. 

The website is primarily used to book appointments, provide information about the brick and mortar store, and sell the retail items available in the store. We wanted the design to be minimal but informative.