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What we do

We are a digital marketing + design hub for small businesses, makers and creatives. We offer a wide range of service from webdesign to managing your social accounts.

Whether you’re just getting started, are looking to grow, or have grown and are looking to outsource, we’ve got you covered.



Starting a business can feel overwhelming: where should you invest? Which tools should you use? And what do you need to turn your passion into a business? We’re here for you!

We offer holistic branding services, including logo design, color palettes, business card design, and brand collateral; custom Squarespace and Shopify website design depending on the type of business you’re running; business consulting(yes, this means telling you the tools that are right for you and what you need to do); and social media graphics + templates.


  • Branding

  • Custom Shopify Website Design

  • Custom Squarespace Website Design

  • Consulting

  • Social Graphics + Templates




Your business is off the ground, and wait a second, you’re growing! We’re so proud of you! With growth comes the need to add tools and systems into your business to be able to keep growing. Changing the way you’ve been doing things in your business and starting to work smarter to be able to take back some of your time.


  • CRM (customer relationship management)

  • Workflows

  • Project Management Tools

  • Systems + Automation

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Digital Marketing Audit

  • SMO (Social Media Optimization)

  • Social Media Photography

  • Photoshoot Creative Direction



Maintaining Growth 

You’ve plateaued, it happens to everyone eventually. Hitting a plateau means that you need to shake things up a bit and adjust the way you’ve been interacting with your audience. Up until this point you’ve likely been flying by the seat of your pants, now it’s time to get intentional. Creating or adjusting your current a Digital Marketing Strategy and addressing any issues on your website will help you clear that stall in growth and fly past it!


  • Website Refresh

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

    • Pinterest Strategy

    • Instagram Strategy

    • Email Strategy

    • Facebook Strategy

  • Content Upgrades



Need some helping hands

You’re not ready to have an in-house team, but man, it’d be nice to have some help! Whether you need an extra brain to bounce ideas off or help to upload content, writing copy or maintaining your social accounts, so you focus on the vision of your business; we’re here to support you. When you outsource your work to us, we’ll make sure it aligns with your brand voice, the design is on point, and your content is strategically created to help drive traffic. You don’t need to do it alone, so stop trying!


  • Blog posts

  • Social Media

    • Photography

    • Uploading

    • Scheduling

  • Email list management

  • You need it, we do it