5 Free Ways Your Friends Can Support Your Creative Business


We love our friends and are often amazed at once you start to create how many people start flocking your way. But as a maker or creator when someone asks how they can support you, it’s a little bit of a freeze when you think of having to sell to your friends because you just want to give them all the things. 


But news flash kimosabe, there’s a bunch of different ways that your friends and family can support you, that won’t cost them a dime. Because as much as we love that our tribe wants to invest in us, you’d never want them to feel like buying from you is the only way they can help. 


So lemme break it down for you real quick, here are 5 ways that you can ask your friends to support you that are free for them, and that will help your business out big time.

1. Like Your posts

So simple yet so powerful. Just by creating more likes on your post it's going to open you up to more people creating a larger reach for your posts within all audiences. This is a super simple way that your friends can help by doing something that they’re likely doing anyways. 

I mean ¾ of the time my bestie could post pictures of garbage bags, and I would still like the image just because.

2. write a meaningful Comment on your posts

Let me just whisper the dirty little word… algorithm. There I said it; it’s out in the open, Algorithm. The more people engage with your posts on Instagram, twitter, Facebook, Pinterest the higher you and your brand get rated in the platform and the more reach you have to your audiences and potential audiences. 

You’re not asking for a thesis on this but if they have something great to say about your or your products, show me the words, right thurr on the page.

3. Leave a review for your products

Your friends are always raving about your products to you and to others, ask them to leave a review. It’s a great way to increase your credibility + to build trust with your tribe of followers and others who may be looking you up as you expand your network. The truth is that 92% of people now read online reviews before they buy, so having a little honest (honesty is key) help from your friends will go a long way. 

4. Share your Events or select that you’re “interested” in their event

If you’re hosting an event, you can ask your friend to kindly share the post or to tag someone that might be interested. By Sharing your post, it will open the post up to be visible to all of your friends follows that are likely different than yours and will reach more people. 

If they just click the interested button this too will share on feeds for other people. Remember seeing those “2 people are going to an event near you” notifications on Facebook? I see them all the time, and because most people don’t search through the events, this is an easy way to get your event out into the wild with further reach.

5. Post a pic on Insta of them using your product

If your buds love your things and think they are as beautiful as your soul (you look really pretty today ) then they’ll be stoked to snap a shot with your product in it and post it on their fav social media account. Featuring your work or your product in a post, works wonders for both of you. 
 How it benefits you: You’ll have social proof that you can repost on your insta feed to highlight people loving your products or services.
How it benefits them: they'll get the credit for their amazing photo skills and increased exposure within your tribe. It’s very likely to grow both of your followings. 

There are tons of ways that your friends can support you or that you can support your modern maker community without makin’ it rain. Sometimes the best way that we can support our friends or that they can support us is by using social venues by expanding our reach and opening our up to new folks that will love them as much as our community does.